“WING” d.o.o. excels as a support partner to prime manufacturers in the aviation industry. Our advantage is in our ability to work together with our partners on the new product development and product improvements.

So far “WING” d.o.o. has produced more then 70.000 parts for various types of sailplanes, light and ultra light airplanes, gyroplanes and helicopters. These parts include both highly demanding components and simple parts. Among other parts, for our partners we are presently producing: fuselages, wings, stabilizers, composite fuel tanks, carbon fiber engine supports, spar root sections, torsion ribs, outer wing and winglet spar sections, fuselage ribs and supports, winglets, undercarriage boxes, canopy frames, …etc.

Contact Information

  • Headquarters:
  • WING d.o.o.
  • Kosovska 8 st.
  • 11000 Belgrade
  • tel: +381 11 3030588
  • fax: +381 11 3033397
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